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Residential Pest Control

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Star Pest Control Brisbane offers different secure and relatively affordable treatment services suitable for homeowners.
We are equipped with fully licensed and trained professionals to provide different domestic pest control all through the South East Queensland. Spiders, cockroaches, birds, rats, spiders, and even flies can cause a serious havoc to your properties. In a case whereby your home is susceptible to outbreaks or you are currently experiencing an infestation, we are here to help you. We have all the necessary tools and experience to deal with any level of infestation now and forever.

At Star Pest Control Brisbane, our residential pest control makes use of the modern process to get rid of unwanted critters away from your home. The control of pest often involves the use of some products or insecticides that a lot of people are used to. The majority of homeowners need expert services that are well experienced and affordable. We provide different services for mice and rats, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, termites, and even fleas. In the event that you are a homeowner or you rented a property that is infested with undesirable critters, fret no more, we can find a solution to this. We likewise strive to offer test treatment products that are environmentally friendly when available. If your pest issue necessitates a more aggressive approach, we will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for the condition you find yourself.
Common Pests

Brisbane is an amazing city rich with fauna and flora. Sadly, numerous common pests make this natural environment their habitat. With the humid and warm climate of Queensland, these common pests can breed quickly and rapid turn into an issue for a lot of domestic homeowners. Some of these pests are:
Cockroaches: they often come out at night, making it difficult to detect
Termites (White Ants): 1 out of 4 homes in Australia has it
Bees and Wasps
Ticks and Bedbugs
Rats and Mice: black rats are very common and extremely dangerous, known for their possibility to spread disease.


Biological methods: different predator introduction, like parasitic wasps, insects, or mites into the environment.
Natural methods: the use of mulches, pesticides that are organically made, ensuring the garden is kept clean.
Organic methods: floating row covers, pheromone traps, sticky traps, Bacillus thuringiensis, insecticidal soap, oil sprays, and parasitic nematodes.

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